yoga tips

                                          yoga tips

  1. WHEN YOU ARE STARTING YOGA , you must focus on your body and mind. Don’t think anything about your life, just focus on concentration.
  2. Any time you can do yoga practice, when and where you got the time just start to do yoga practice.
  3. Before starting yoga  relax your mind and body. Just thing what is going on your mind ,which type of yoga you are doing.
  4. Variety is the spice of yoga. For yoga don’t take time limit you should do 30 min’s one day or 20 mins or as so long as.
  5. Relation of yoga and earth. all types of yoga contact to the earth, head, hand,leg, body etc..
  6. Breathing first; Your  breath  will lead your movement. Start doing inhale, and then move; do your exhale, and then move. At the time the movement is big pulling your hips up into down; or small length through of your head, yoga master guide your breath.
  7. Flexibility;

Flexibility is more important for yoga, that time only you can easy to do yoga exercise.


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